A Comparative Study Between the use of Temporalis Fascia and Fascia Lata as Graft During Tympanoplasty Performed in A Tertiary Care Centre


Rohan Vijay Gupta
Shreeya Vinay Kulkarni
Kiran Burse
Chaitanya Bharadwaj
Vandana Sancheti
Rushika Patel


Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media is a common otological condition in India causing hearing loss for which patients seek advice from an otolaryngologist. The perforation seen in chronic suppurative otitis media may be the only sequel remaining when the pathological process in middle ear cleft has healed. Tympanoplasty, the procedure for repairing the perforations of the pars tensa, can be done using a variety of graft materials. In this study two different types of graft materials, fascia lata and temporalis fascia, which can be used in tympanoplasty will be studied. The study will help to know which is better in terms of graft uptake as well as improvement in hearing. This will help in a better understanding of which grafts can be used in tympanoplasty in the future. Aims and Objectives: To compare hearing gain and graft uptake rate between temporalis fascia and fascia lata in tympanoplasty and to study the postoperative morbidity/complications associated with the 2 modalities. Materials and Methodology: The study was conducted on 42 patients divided in 2 groups of 21 each. The 1st group underwent tympanoplasty type 1 by endomeatal approach using fascia lata graft and the 2nd group by a post aural approach using temporalis fascia graft. Regular follow ups and otoscopic examination was done on the patients to check the graft uptake. Pure tone audiometry was done after a minimum period of 2 months post-surgery and was compared with the preoperative audiometry to assess the hearing improvement in hearing. Results and Conclusions: This study compared both temporalis fascia and fascia lata as graft materials used in tympanoplasty. Graft uptake results and gain in hearing were better with temporalis fascia as compared to fascia lata. Temporalis fascia was also associated with lesser post-operative complications. So this study finds that tympanoplasty done by postaural technique using temporalis fascia is better in terms of graft uptake, hearing improvement and postoperative complications when compared to tympanoplasty done by fascia lata.


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Gupta, R. V., Kulkarni, S. V., Burse, K., Bharadwaj, C., Sancheti, V., & Patel, R. (2020). A Comparative Study Between the use of Temporalis Fascia and Fascia Lata as Graft During Tympanoplasty Performed in A Tertiary Care Centre. MVP Journal of Medical Sciences, 141–150. https://doi.org/10.18311/mvpjms/2020/v7i2/24545


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