Tinea Incognito due to Over the Counter Drug Application: A Case Report


Shwetal Rathi
Vijay Zawar
Rahul Kote
Vivek Nikam


Tinea incognito caused by of over the counter and overuse of topical steroids resulting in various clinical presentations making it difficult to diagnose. Now-a-days over the counter use of topical combinations containing steroids have increased. We present here a case of an adult female presented with lichenified plaque over both bottocks, abdomen and lower limbs associated with itching with history of over the counter application of topical steroid containing combination on her own. KOH mount of skin scraping confirmed the diagnosis. Treatment with systemic and topical antifungals for 6 weeks resulted into remarkable improvement.


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Rathi, S. ., Zawar, V. ., Kote, R. ., & Nikam, V. . (2022). Tinea Incognito due to Over the Counter Drug Application: A Case Report. MVP Journal of Medical Sciences, 321–322. https://doi.org/10.18311/mvpjms/2021/v8i2/273


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